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Become E-commerce Merchant – Nowadays, there are a number of successful Entrepreneurs or Business tycoons, who are doing well as an E-commerce Merchant. Some of them started by selling some stuff out of the garage or some started selling handmade stuff. But now they own a very good place in the online e-commerce industry by setting up their brand name. If you want to start your own business then follow a step-by-step guide to set up an online store. Also, we will provide you with few tips and tricks that will help you become E-commerce Merchant and achieve your goals.

Basic Requirements to Become E-commerce Merchant – Merchant Stronghold:

You need to treat your online store as your offline business store. You need to keep the inventory updated as well as make sure that you have a good payment gateway to accept online payments. Having a multi-currency payment gateway will help you get more traffic than others. To understand the Multi-currency payment processing you can visit us at merchantstronghold.com or contact Merchant Stronghold Support.
First of all, you need to understand the basic requirements to start selling online or to become E-commerce Merchant. In case you are wondering what are these basic requirements then keep reading.

Step 1 – Select and Define Your Niche:
First of all, you need to decide what you want to sell or define your niche. This could be the most crucial part for your business as it is requires a lot of research in your area of interest. It is not mandatory to sell the product online, you can affiliate them too. If you decide to affiliate the products then it will cost you almost nothing as you are not selling them. In case of affiliation, you are just marketing or showcasing the products on your website and getting paid when customers purchased the products using your link.

Step 2 – Select Your Platform to Sell Online:
In order to sell online, you need a domain name, dedicated E-commerce hosting, and payment gateway etc. You need to select your website platform or blog based platform with the shopping cart add-on. A website will help you to set up your store online as well as to accept payments online using any payment gateway. Shopping cart add-ons let your normal website or blog to be an e-commerce website. In case you are using dedicated e-commerce platforms to sell online then you can launch your store very easily as you just need to upload your product. Similarly, you can use WooCommerce plugin or any other shopping cart plugin with your WordPress blogs. By adding either of these plugins, you will be able to set up your online store to sell your product and to become an E-commerce Merchant.

Step 3 – Maintain the Inventory:
In the case of online selling, it is necessary to maintain the inventory. If you are using in-house fulfillment means selling your products only then you can easily stock the product and then ship them when required. But if you are using drop-ship fulfillment and you are not maintaining the inventory for those products then it can cost you more than the in-house fulfillment. You also have an option of outsourcing the products on your behalf where the third party will stock, pack and ship the product to the customers. Also, they will manage the return and refund requests. So, it is most important to understand what type of fulfillment you want to use as per your requirement.

Step 4 – Manage orders and shipping:
To become an E-commerce Merchant, it is important for you to manage your orders and shipping process. You need an order management tool to manage the online orders. Also, you can use any free shipping label printing service options and installed software to fulfill your shipping needs. There are several other software available in the market that are advanced like Ordoro and many others. This software helps you save the money by comparing all carrier rates. You can use any of these software even if you are a startup or an entrepreneur.

Step 5 – Use Payment Gateway:
Payment gateways play a pivotal role in the E-commerce store. You can use any of the payment gateways which are available in the market. Payment Gateways that are available in the market are Stripe, PayPal, Payline, and Authorize.net etc. All of these payment gateways allow you to accept online payments from the customers. Choose the payment as per your requirements and become E-commerce Merchant.
We have mentioned a few steps or a quick guide which will help you understand that how you can start your own business online. In case you still have queries then you can directly contact Merchant Stronghold for better assistance. Also, you can visit us at app.merchantstronghold.com, where you can find the solution for all your queries related to Merchant Account or Payments gateways.

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If you also have these queries or issues in your mind then contact Merchant Stronghold Support for the assistance. One of our executives will help you fix the issues with your Merchant account or e-commerce store. We will also help you fix the issues related to the payment gateway you are using. Also, provide you with other Merchant account services. In case you want to purchase a Merchant Account for your online business then visit us at app.merchantstronghold.com for the further information. Merchant Stronghold Support team will further assist you with the all the proceedings.

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