What are the Common Merchant Account Complaints and How to Deal with them?

While running a business and at the same time managing it, there could be a chance of getting customer issues. The same thing happens while processing the payments. There are many issues reported every year that has particularly mentioned payment related errors. These issues occur due to the merchant’s ignorance and other times due to payment-related errors.

Every year, a plethora of complaints are registers that badly affect the business of the merchant. In this article, we have listed the Common Merchant Account Complaints and the tricks to avoid such issues in your organization. This article can help you look at both potential risks and rewards of working with a given company.

Poor Customer Service

Now your business and payment processing system cannot be perfect every time. And customer faces an issue with the management. At those times, it is the responsibility of the customer service team to provide the demanded attention to a specific topic.
But if the customer support is unable to offer the desired support then the customer has no other option but to avoid the company.

  • In such a case, you need to stabilize your customer support service.
  • Tracking your product and customer reviews should be evaluated.
  • You should take some time to minimize the customer waiting time.
  • And nobody wants to listen to the automated answering service.

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Cancellation Issues

This is one of the frustrating Common Merchant Account Complaints faced by the customers. Many a times we order a product or service by mistake. In that case, you immediately try to cancel the order on the company’s website.

  • It is difficult to distinguish between the mistakes and the frauds for a merchant.
  • But if your enterprise makes your customer go through a lot of trouble while canceling the order then your business is under risk.
  • Moreover, it could lead to unnecessary Chargebacks.
  • Solidify the rules around the replacement and return of an order.
  • And make sure you provide smooth payment processing to your customers.

Poor Agreement Management

Another complaint that is filed against the merchants is related to the agreement management. That could be related to the poor description, expensive services and many more.

  • Leasing services are generally non-refundable that further leads to conflicts.
  • Merchants always pay more when they are renting a terminal than just to outright buying one.
  • By the time, this all leads to costing thousands of dollars to the merchant.

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Misleading Sales Practice

This is one of the worst sales practices. If you wish to lead a long profitable business then never apply such things to your business.

  • For a merchant, sales are very important and to increase sales they try every method.
  • Some merchants try these petty methods to increase sales.
  • But the customer with one bad issue can report the business of this unethical practice.
  • Advertise your product as it is.
  • And if you offer some discount then make sure you clear out the terms and condition to the customers properly.
  • Train your sales agent properly and tell them the customer satisfaction is always the priority.

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Set your Price According to your Market

Every merchant wants to earn the profit and for that, they introduce attractive offers with their products while other products are not easily available. In the latter case, sometimes the merchant asks for a really high price that is not according to the product market value. These issues lead to greater trouble for the merchant in future that makes it to one of the Common Merchant Account Complaints.

  • Disclose your entire price before the customer purchases the product.
  • Do not add additional charge at the time of payment.
  • This generally leads to customer backing out for the purchase.
  • Many merchants are reported of such practices and immediately eliminated from doing any further business.

High Risk Merchant Account
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