Credit Card Processing for Marine Services (MCC 4468)

Credit Card Processing for Marine Services

Credit card processing for Marinas, Marine Service/Supplies (MCC 4468) is considered as high risking in the Payment industry. There are a number of services associated with Marine business, and not all are accepted by merchant service providers. In simple, not many merchant account providers offer payment services for businesses in this whole category. For years, Merchant Stronghold has provided real-time Credit card processing for Cruise ships. We have solutions for individual merchants to trade marine supplies.

Credit card processing for Marine Services

A good way to sell your services is by using a website for Credit card processing. Merchants can have more than one payment methods. A credit card is quicker and much safer than cash in hand. Money can automatically be sent to your bank account.

Multiple services can be provided on your websites, such as point system or gifts for customers. Your Marine Credit card processing will be a part of a large network. A gateway having PCI compliance to provide you security benefits. We offer a number of options, such as American Express, Visa Card and MasterCard integration. Existing account holder can also get new features.

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Merchant Account for high risk businesses

Some online businesses are considered as high risking because of their nature, these businesses include Adult industry, Foreign Exchange, Gaming, Pharmacy, Cruise Services, Pharmacy, and PC support. History of the business also plays an important part in the High risking tag. Not many merchant account providers offer services to high risking businesses, but Merchant Stronghold is offering services to these for years.

Accepting credit cards can boost your Marine supplies business. Many companies would like to offer services to you, but choose one that best fits your needs. High risking businesses have high chargeback ratio, and there is the huge volume of sales; these factors make them insecure. You can still get a merchant account, but don’t get bedazzled by flashy advertisements. Clearly identify rates that you can pay so that you can get a merchant account that makes more sales and get more success.

Know Rules

Even though you have to pay fees for accepting cards on your store, it is against card processing agreement to share it with the customer. When you accept the agreement, you agree upon giving a certain amount in exchange for quality services for your Marine supply business. It is not good to charge a certain amount from customers or require the minimum amount to be able to process the purchase. Maintaining these things may result in losing your merchant account.

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