The Complete Guide to Choose Credit Card Processing with Payment Gateway

Credit Card Processing with Payment Gateway – A business owner acknowledges that the Payment Processor and Payment Gateway are important aspects of payment in the current market. Moreover, it allows the merchant to add more payment options that can attract more customers.
In the credit card processing, the main aspects are the merchant, customer, issuing bank, and acquiring bank. Now the question remains what is the role of payment gateway and payment processor.
In this blog, we will discuss the Credit Card Processing with Payment Gateway, and the difference between Payment Gateway and Payment Processor. For more details, feel free to contact Merchant Stronghold. We assist you with merchant processing and credit card processing.

Payment Gateway vs Payment Processor – Merchant Stronghold

Payment Gateway – A Gateway that simply allows the merchant to access the e-commerce market by allowing the transaction. This is an online point-of-sale for the business. You just need to have a merchant license and merchant account. Then you can get a payment gateway for your business.

Payment Processor – As the name suggests, they process the transactions by exchanging data between merchant and bank. Also, a payment processor will also provide credit card machines and other equipment you use to accept credit card payments.

There are some processors who provide the payment gateway services as well. Also, you choose from the various payment processors and payment gateway service provider, depending on your demand.

Credit Card Processing with Payment Gateway

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Credit Card Processing with Payment Gateway

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How to Choose Credit Card Processing with Payment Gateway?

Comparing and then choosing the credit card processor for your business can be beneficial for your business. Here is a guide that you can use to choose the best credit card processing with a payment gateway.

A Processor that Offers Business Specific Services

  • Does your business require mobile processing? Or online transactions? If yes, then look for your Payment Processor to fulfill your demands first.
  • What is the size of your business and your monthly transaction value? This can help you choose your chargeback limit according to the need.
  • Read the contract very well and then sign the papers after a complete evaluation.

A Service Provider with 24/7 Support

  • Credit Card Processing with Payment Gateway is your necessity.
  • But make sure you get sufficient support as well.
  • This means the Payment service provider should also offer a good support in case of an issue.
  • And do check the services provided by the payment processors in the case of disputes and chargebacks.

Ask for Additional Fees and Other Service Charges

  • Do not forget to ask the details related to the Service Fees.
  • This includes the additional fees, PCI Compliance, and other charges.
  • Also, compare these charges of various Credit Card Processing with Payment Gateway to choose the under budget service.

Choose a Combination Depending on your Need

  • After evaluating all the service providers and their charges, you will be able to finalize the one that will work the best for your business.
  • A good Credit Card Processing with Payment Gateway for your business will be a combination of all the above-mentioned topics.

If you need help while choosing a payment processor then you can contact Merchant Stronghold. We will provide you with an expert to guide you in the right direction and get your up and running in 24 hours.

Merchant Stronghold also provides the assistance with high-risk business and merchant accounts. Call us at the toll-free number+1 (727) 330 – 3944 or access the 24/7-email support now.

Credit Card Processing with Payment Gateway


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