HKD – Hong Kong Dollar

Hong Kong Dollar Overview

The Hong Kong Dollar is one of the most traded currencies in the world. The currency symbol is $ or HK$.

In 1841, the city was established as a free-trading port in Asia.It would not be till 1845 once the Oriental Bank of the city was established that city would issue its own banknotes.

In 1842, British assumed management over town and therefore the colonial government strove to form the pound Hong Kong’s official currency. British colonial rulers solely succeeded in achieving this in 1863 by issuance the primary legal coins specifically for a city.

In 1935, once China formally abandoned the standard, the city followed. On November calendar month nine, 1935, the city greenback was declared the official currency.

In 1984, Britain and China signed the Sino-British Joint Declaration, which stipulated that the British dependency of Hong Kong return to Chinese rule in 1997 as a Special Administrative Region of China.

In 1863, the Royal Mint in London began issuing special subsidiary coinage for use in Hong Kong within the Dollar system


Currency Facts

HKD Stats

Name: Hong Kong Dollar

Symbol: HK$

Minor Unit:
1/100 = Cent

Top HKD Conversion:

Top HKD Chart:

HKD Profile

Inflation: 2.60%

Freq Used: HK$10, HK$20, HK$50, HK$100, HK$500, HK$1000

Central Bank:
Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Users: Hong Kong

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