How is E-Check Solution Taking Over the World?

e-check payment processing

The Internet has not only changed the way of shopping but also brought revolution in the payment methods. It is very important for small-sized as well as medium-sized businesses to choose the mode of payment wisely. One of the fastest growing methods of payment is via Credit Card or ACH. Being a more secure method of payment, merchants prefer ACH over paper check payments. Established business availing ACH benefits tend to be more successful.

The Working of E-Checks

ACH (Automated Clearing House) is an electronic network through which a merchant uses E-checks instead of paper checks to process a financial transaction. Electronic checks or E-Checks are digitally equivalent to normal checks/paper checks. To set up an echeck payment processing service and accept checks, information provided on merchant’s paper check is required and is necessary.

E-Check Payment Processing Service

To be able to accept e-check, a merchant has to first set up the ACH direct deposit. For this process, the merchant needs to request the customer’s bank to provide the routing number and the checking account number.

It is important to note that sequential number that is on the paper check is not in need of ACH setup.

  • Routing number: It works as a physical address of the customer’s bank.
  • Checking account number: Unlike routing number, it correlates to the particular customer’s account.

These two pieces of information help in communicating with customer’s bank. Once this setup is complete, funds are transferred from customer’s bank account to a high risk merchant account with the help of payment processor.

Benefits of E-Checks

Let’s take a look at some amazing benefits of E-checks.


Pricey credit card networks can be avoided with the use of ACH as transaction fee is comparatively low. There is no limit on the transaction amount. If any merchant, looking for a cost-effective processor to accept large payments, ACH is where your search ends.


In traditional paper check method, it might take days to process a check whereas it is not the same with e-checks. Via E-checks funds get transferred faster and more conveniently.

Recurring payments

If a business is working on memberships or subscriptions, it is wise to choose ACH electronic network rather than traditional method.

Ideal for Subscription-Based Businesses

There are many benefits of choosing E-checks for subscription-based businesses. Some of them go as follows:


Irrespective of a canceled credit card, ACH payment processing makes sure that the customer does not miss payments. Credit card numbers may change rapidly but it is very rare that the account details of the customer will change. With the use of ACH payment processor, it becomes easy to avoid payment gaps.

Save money

Business can save a huge amount of money by long-term subscriptions. With electronic payments, network exchange fee is not applicable, which in turn helps the merchant to save a lot.

Easy & secure

In addition, it is easy to initialize online e-check payments. A merchant can create a simple and secure form as per the customer’s convenience. Autopay feature can be set within minutes that avoid extra work of writing checks every month.


With the use of ACH, savings are amazing, which can be available to attract new customers while retaining old ones. Schemes like an incentive for customers, rewards, discount offers or cash offers help businesses attract more customers.

Who Gets benefit

As a result, there are 8 types of businesses that enjoy benefits the most from E-check payments.
1. Membership Businesses
2. Schools
3. A business accepting bulk payments
4. Online subscription-based businesses
5. Insurance Companies
6. Retail Businesses
7. Non-profit Organization
8. High Risk Merchants

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e-check payment processing


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