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Merchant Account for Salons

If you’re the owner of a salon, you must read this. It’s no surprise that the industry is constantly evolving rapid-paced, durable industry. With growing numbers of people wanting trades that go beyond degrees due to the versatility and potential earnings there is no reason to wonder. Why people are keen on becoming professional salon owners.

There are numerous options one can pursue using their new knowledge. Many choose to be salon owners and others choose to enter the medical field. However regardless of which path you decide to take using your new skills. You should ensure you’re prepared to succeed in the field of accepting payments.

Prior to deciding on your merchant account’s setup before you make your choice. We’d like to leave some things to take into consideration.

  • Rates
  • Contracts
  • Chargeback protection
  • Accessibility to funds
  • Integration

Benefits of Accepting Card Payments in a Salon

Hair salons that are able to pay through credit offer a number of advantages over salons that let customers pay cash. In this day and age. Which money is time and business owners are constantly seeking solutions to ensure their staff and customers as well.

The merchant is likely to pay a modest service cost per transaction (this is contingent on your service provider as well as your company’s type of business – some offer specific accounts for small companies). The fee will usually be more than made up by the rise in customers and advantages for employees.

Let’s examine some of the most significant advantages of making use of hair salon credit card processing systems:

  • Attract customers who prefer credit cards: For example, if they receive advantages of their personal credit companies or they prefer not carrying cash. These customers will look for you.
  • Convenience for current customers: Give a second easy and practical alternative to loyal customers to make use of for their appointments. They’ll be grateful for the exceptional service.
  • Security on the premises: Limit the risks to staff at your salon or your own business through processing fewer cash transactions and storing less cash in the till.
  • Faster payment: Pay your receptionists and stylists quickly by using faster payment options. Don’t have to keep track of coins at the cashier.
  • A lot less mistakes to count: In fact, POS (point of sale) systems and credit transactions remove a large amount of “human mistake” from the payment processing. Even the smallest errors can accumulate in time and cause small businesses to lose lots.
  • People spend more when they use credit cards: Because they’re not dealing with cash during the payment process. Customers tend to feel less compelled to spend money on services and to make purchases on impulse. This makes it simpler to sell products and to upsell services.
  • Better tracking of customers: Combining using salon management software. The point of sale system credit cards. Or debit payment processing make it simple to determine the types of services clients like as well as what’s being sold well. And who your most frequent monthly customers are.
  • Friendly to Covid-19: Hair salons that allow credit processing with each transaction help clients to pay for their services without dealing with money. Which reduces the risk for everyone. A modern credit card and point of sale system generally accommodate contactless payment, too.
  • Improved inventory management: With salon software and the computerized POS system it is possible to track customers’ purchases. The items employed for services and keep track of the inventory and ordering. When combined with systems that handle credit transactions and credit card transactions. This helps make the entire process effortless and takes the stress out running your business.

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The Benefits of Working with Merchant Stronghold

We are Merchant Stronghold. We are recognized as an industry expert in establish their merchant account for salons. Here are some advantages you can enjoy from signing up to partner in partnership with Merchant Stronghold.

  • FREE Cost Comparison
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  • Low Rates & Fast Approvals
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  • No Application or Set-Up Fees
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Never Turn Away Your Customer

Running of your salon will keep you busy all day!. As a salon owner. You are aware of how important it is to serve your customers in the best possible way as well. And we! We realize that you may not have the time to review your options with regards to merchant accounts and service and that’s the reason
Merchant Stronghold offer simplified merchant plans for salon and spa owners save time, money and boost sales.

If you own a barbershop, hair salon shops, tanning salon day spa, nail salon or makeup studio, or working as a stylist at the salon, we’re here to assist.

If you are ready to get merchant account for salon business. Then reach out to one of our amazing team members today at +1-(727) 330 – 3944 or and let us help you get started with setting up your merchant account.


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