How To Pick A Recurring Payment Provider?

Get Recurring Payment Provider

Get Recurring Payment Provider – The Recurring Payments can give a serious headache to merchants as they are constantly looking for the methods to manage them. Some merchantsbuild a robust network to avoid as many issues as possible, while others rely on the payment processor to help them with their problems.
Both of these methods are very well effective in their own ways. However, if you are going to opt for a payment processor for recurring payment then you should check this article first.
The market is filled with the payment processors, who “claim” to offer the best recurring payment management services. As a merchant who should compare these service before landing to one, this article can help you with the your decision.

What Are Recurring Payments?

After the customer’s approval, the merchant is allowed to deduct/collect a fixed amount of money after a fixed time-interval (every month) for a specific product or service, and is called recurring payments.
For example, if you are using a Netflix then you have entered your credit/debit card details while setting up the payment. Now, every month, Netflix deducts a fixed amount from your card to offer you the services.
There are two important aspects of recurring payments:

  • Processing – The modes both customer and merchant are using to complete a transaction. For instance, the customer can use the Visa Credit Card and Merchant uses as a payment gateway for the transaction.
  • Logic – This includes all things other than a transaction, such as a bill amount, cycle duration, alert message/email, and calculation too.

How To Get Recurring Payment Provider?

Now, there are a number of payment service providers available and it gets difficlut to choose the one that suits all of the merchant’s needs. In such a case, merchant can make the best choice by evaluation the business requirement and comparing the available options, a.
Here are some essentials that you will need while choosing the right recurring payment provider:

Keep Location In Mind

When choosing a payment service provider or gateway provider, make sure they are available in your location. Meaning, you need to check whether that specific company offers the services in your location or not.
Also, you can get details of all the leading payment service providers in your location and compare their services.
There are many processors who offer their services in multiple countries. You can choose these if you have an overseas business.

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Types Of Payments You Need

Of course, you are looking for the recurring payment processor, but do not forget about other details and payment types that you would need.
You can check what kind of payments does theprocessor accept. Also, the card types such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AmEx and more are accepted or not.
Furthermore, people are now using mobile payment wallets so, you can also check whether your processor accepts all these payment types or not and then get a recurring payment provider.

PCI Compliance

Along with the processing fees, you need to check whether the payment provider is PCI compliant or not.
PCI Compliance helps you deal with credit card transaction. If the services are not PCI compliant then make sure they offer similar services.

Transaction Security

When it comes to transaction security, you should never leave any loose ends. The security should be the number one priority while choosing the payment provider.
Make sure the transaction and transaction details are safe while using the company’s platform. You can ask for more details related to the same from the company if you are willing to try a particular payment processor.

Free Trials

Check whether the payment provider you want offers a free trial or not. If yes, then you can try their services to check whether it is working for you not.
You can ask for a free trial anytime. Along with that, check whether there are any hidden charges or fees, and if possible, get a recurring payment provider with no hidden charges.


After the payment processor is established for your business, you will be the one using their services. Make sure you are able to understand the processing.
Furthermore, many processors offer software to analyze the previous month’s transaction activity for the merchant.
Check whether you are able to use these features and they are working correctly before you get recurring payment provider.

Tech Support

Finally, service and support are necessary as you might face trouble sooner or later while using the gateway. For that, ask your payment provider regarding their support services and at what hours they are available.
Make sure you check for any hidden charges under the name of tech support as well. It is important to make sure that the merchant’s and the customer’s money remain in good hands while making a payment.

Conclusion – Merchant Stronghold

In order to Get Recurring Payment Provider, you need to go through various queries before landing to one payment processor. This will increase your productivity and help you with ROI as well.
For further assistance, contact Merchant Stronghold and get an expert. You can place a call at the toll-free number +1 (888) 622 – 6875 or try the email support. These services are available 24/7.

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