Get a flexible Payment Gateway for Transportation Services [MCC 4000–4799]

Hardest thing is finding a merchant service provider who deals with focused services such as car, bus and taxi. These are direct services related to transportation. Direct services are those which help customers to choose from a range of things without third party involvement. It could allow customers to book a taxi in near area with the help of a mobile application or E-commerce website. The application can complete transaction on the spot using Merchant Stronghold’s Payment gateway. It will be quick, simple and clean

Payment brands use codes to classify businesses by the type of goods and services. Payment gateway providers use these codes to inform their clients which category a business belongs to. A good example of these codes is MCCs 4000–4799 (Transportation Services). All the numbers between MCC 4000 to 4799 are transportation services such as passenger railways, bus lines, air lines, marine services, courier services, and more.

Merchant Stronghold provides flexible payment gateways for all transportation services. We offer multiple payment options and new features for your customers. Our transportation payment gateways bring innovation to your business type. You get fast support and services. Some of our features include:

  • Secure multiple payment options
  • High protection for cardholders and merchants
  • Future support for mobile payments and EMV

Our payment gateways for your Transportation services can improve business-efficiency and enhance customer experience. You can achieve your goal of a successful business with the help of Merchant Stronghold.

Your first priority is to offer speedy payment system to customers. A flexible and fast payment system makes it easy for merchants to sell. You may be thinking that there are many other merchant services providers so why choose us? First you have to understand few basic things about payment systems.

What is the main building block for online payment application? The very first thing is to keep PCI compliance in consideration and create a system that doesn’t cause problems for you or your customers. A number of things can be done to achieve this goal including:

  • High security as per international standards
  • Secure Storing information for repeat or recurring charges
  • Complete control of design and user experience
  • Monthly or weekly sale analysis
  • Multiple payment options integration–and Scalability

There are other things such as currency support, fees, local payment options, disbursement, and others. These things may vary person to person, but above 5 things are building blocks of a system.

When a merchant orders our services, we prepare initial report about payment gateways. If we find out that you need a single payment option then we create that for you, and if you need a customized gateway then we spend our time and effort to create it.

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What Merchant Stronghold do ?

Your Merchant account for transportation services is an integral part of your business and thin margins make it imperative that you have the most competitive rates and service available.

We Merchant Stronghold understands the transportation industry whether you own a limousine service, cab company, mass transit provider, railway, or are a transporter you need a stable solution with lightning fast transactions, competitive rates, and the right interchange category to make sure that you maximize your profits.

With the power of touch and go, wireless, mobile, and ecommerce payments we are sure to have the solution for you.

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