Loyalty and Business Cards

Loyalty, Corporate and Personal Cards

Using Cards for paying are something that people prefer to use for their ease and security concerns. Corporate or businesses that are looking for the solution to stay connected with their customer base or interested to grow the customer’s reliability on the brand. Businesses that are seeking for an effective payroll and in-house accounting solution.

Merchant Stronghold’s personalized and according need card issuance solution will help business to save the time and keeping the track of account separately. There are personalized solutions for the individual or private use to avoid chances of being victim to the increasing rate of card-related crimes, the individuals now looking for some safer way to pay for their purchases these card solutions will act as a separate account without using their personal account at different places.

For Corporate and Business

Loyalty or Co-branded Cards

Sometimes companies prefer to provide membership cards to new or existing customers for paying. These loyal or co-brands cards solution by Merchant Stronghold will help business to grow and maintain the record of customers and if the company’s policy includes to provide cash backs or brand-bounded offers for customers, this loyalty card solution will help you to keep the details about to customers according to which the company can offers to their regular customers.

Salary Cards

Making monthly charts and then paying to every individual takes a lot of time. To avoid this consumption of time, Merchant Stronghold’s Salary Card solution, will let you save the template of each employee and depositing their salary into their account that will be connected to their salary cards.

The Salary Cards issued under MasterCard help you decrease the monetary expenses to transfer each employee. To use this service companies doesn’t need to relocate their bank accounts, they just need to share the information related to the employees and transfer the amount to the dedicated account provided by Merchant Stronghold.

Corporate Cards

Having a Corporate card can help companies to simplify the accounting of the company and it reduces the transaction volume within the company. Merchant Stronghold can help your corporate to get cards for the employees.

These cards are specifically designed for the companies who prefer to give the travel and fuel allowances to their employees or for the employees tour fees can also allotted to the employees through these cards.

 For Private and Individual uses

Gift cards

We all prefer to gift things to our dear ones whatever they like. But, sometimes we look for better options that can fulfill the purpose of both gifting something according to their choice and that should be useful to them. For this, Merchant Stronghold’s non-reloadable cards solutions are the best way possible for the individuals to gift them.

These cards can be used at any outlet worldwide, and people can purchase anything they want. This gift card solution is also available for businesses also, who offer limited-period gift cards or vouchers to their customers.

Prepaid Cards

Due to fear of frauds and card information privacy reasons, many times people prefer not to use their credit cards for transaction at unknown places. For nullifying such chances Merchant Stronghold offers non-banking cards that will help individuals to use their plastic cards with confidence and with extra security level.

Other than paying for the purchases, these cards can act as credit cards for the withdrawal of money from the ATMs. To use this solution by Merchant Stronghold, the individual doesn’t need any bank account connectivity we help you to establish an account under our financial services.

Virtual/Personalized Card

Merchant Stronghold provides you personalized cards that can act as a credit card but limited for online shopping. With our vision to create a safe environment for you while shopping online. You can have a personalized card that cannot be used for cash withdrawal in ATMs, this makes virtual cards safer to use.

Some of the advantages for using this facility include the high level security, as all your purchases done from your virtual card will keep your current account safe. This easy to use solution will help you to keep track of you expenses report as the transactions done from this virtual cards will have a separate reportabout the transactions done.


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