Premium Merchant Services for Consulting or Advice Business

Merchant Services those for consulting or Advice business are pretty hard to find. Checkout Amazing benefits that we are offering to merchants.

Consulting businesses have been using merchant services for more than 15 years with soundness and safety.
These days, there are more than one payment options that are bringing customers from around the world. Payment options play important part in increasing popularity of an Advice and consulting business.
A flexible payment system is among factors that decide success of a business. There are variety of solutions available that can protect business from frauds and make it secure.

Merchant stronghold offers you the control that your business needs to climb up. We provide reliable and secure architectures so that you get premium security and low fees. There are many payment solutions,
you can choose from payment types that are much familiar to your users. It doesn’t matter whether your customers are in Europe, Canada, America, or United Kingdom. Our merchant services are capable of accepting payments from anywhere in the world.

Benefits of our Merchant Services

  • Payment Processing:
    Your business can accept cards, securely and affordably. We believe that merchant services should be low cost, simple, and transparent. Merchant Stronghold provides these services with no hidden fees.
  • Point of Sale:
    We have changed the way point of sale works. There are no additional costs, everything that you select comes with warranty, support, and upgrades. We can reduce operational cost and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Business Financing:
    With a simple and reliable application, you can provide quality services to your clients. We offer most advance and compelling financing offers so that your business benefits you.
  • Business tools:
    Best payment solution will be at your service. You can collect data and analyze it to gain more profit. Everything that a business needs to succeed is integrated in one portal.

Why you should select us?

  • Modern technology and equipment
  • 24/7 support service for merchants
  • Low rates with premium service
  • No hidden charges
  • No harmful commitments

Merchant Stronghold believes that your consulting business can be directed towards right direction. We stand with merchants- so that they can enhance business with fair and honest practices. Business is not just about earning money, it is about making customers happy.

Our merchant services can deliver premium services not only to business owners but their customers as well. We don’t keep anything from our clients as we make sure that business owners are proud to offer credit card processing on their website.

Merchant Stronghold Services Include:

  • Credit and Debit card processing:
    Some people use credit card for shopping and others use debit card, so having both the options will expand your domain.
  • Latest Technologies:
    One of the most important points is to have technology efficient website to grow your business. We offer affordable solution that includes EMV chip card terminals and point of sale.
  • EMV Chip Card:
    This technology can protect your business from possible frauds. Contact us and we will explain it in detail.
  • PCI DSS Security:
    It is important for business to comply with PCI security standard. We can maintain it for your business.

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