Payment Gateway for Trial Continuity Businesses (MCC 5968)

Payment gateway Trial Continuity

Trial continuity businesses are companies that use a free trial or introductory offer to allow. The potential companies to try out the service or merchandise before deciding whether to sign up for the plan. Once the customer accepts the trial offer, they are instantly signed up to the continuity programs. In this particular business approach, customers will continue receiving the service or merchandise regularly, usually monthly, while making several payments during the subscription period.

Importance of Getting a Dedicated Trial Continuity Merchant Account orPayment Gateway

Due to the nature of trial continuity businesses. Subscription merchants are generally considered high-risk merchants within the credit card processing industry. This is likely because of the higher frequency of credit chargebacks among the subscribers. That is why you trial based business can find it hard to open an appropriate merchant account using traditional credit card processors.

Luckily, there is a solution that trial continuity businesses can use that specifically caters to high-risk subscription merchants. For example, Merchant Stronghold can enable merchants in the trial based businesses to accept seamlessly accept credit cards and effectively grow their businesses. Partnering with us will lead offer your business a more efficient Payment Gateway. Beneficial customer support and ultimately improve your sales.

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How to Choose the Right Payment Gateway or Merchant Account


One of the main considerations to keep in mind is reliability. The last thing any subscription merchants would want is to have their credit card processor to fail just after launching new products. In addition, reliability enables your business to maintain a regular cash flow. Which is essential when running any business, especially a trial offer or continuity based one.


Besides having a reliable Payment Gateway. Subscription merchants must also ensure that the merchant service provider is abiding by the rules and regulations. This is very important, particularly with the current increasing concerns of both the FTC as well as credit card firms. Working with a trusted provider like Merchant Stronghold can help you avoid legal problems that could easily bankrupt your business.

Dedicated Service

High volume subscription merchants stand to benefit a lot from partnering with a suitable Payment Gateway that is customized to their needs. By partnering with us, you get a trial continuity merchant account that is specially designed to cater for your business that ensures that. You are not losing large chunks of your profit margins on each transaction.


Trial continuity businesses have been having a difficult time getting merchant accounts simply because they are considered as high risk. Many companies are forced to look for credit card processes overseas to continue running their business. Luckily, Merchant Stronghold offers a dedicated and customizable Payment Gateway for subscription merchant’s right here in the United States. Contact us today at to see how we can help you secure your own subscription merchant account.

Payment Gateway Trial Continuity



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