Businesses are rapidly transforming the way of accepting payment for the ease of customers. Although, at the same time this method of accepting payment electronically gets tricky for the merchants. Who don’t have the exact idea of how to get the access of payment gateway for accepting Electronic Payments.


The answer for “how to get the access of payment gateway and accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover” in simple words is. The business needs to establish a Merchant Account. But, this doesn’t only solution as Merchant Account. Is just the service that is provided by the banks that will help to accept the electronic mode of payment. Businesses can choose between the elaborate array of collections banks from across the world have ACH, Check Processing,Credit Card Acceptance Point of Sale System, etc.

The choice of services sometimes create a lot of confusion for business owners to choose the perfect services. According to their business type and what are the exact requirements for the application of the Merchant Account. For the ease of business owners Merchant Stronghold. With their industrial experiences can help them to choose from the perfect option according to their business. For application of Merchant Account the business owners need few of the basic documents:

  • A letter that is specified with the details and nature of business , Fulfillment Agreements, DBAs etc
  • Articles of Incorporation of the business, Tax documents etc, Fictitious filings etc
  • Address and ID proof of the owner(s). If the physical address of the business exists the proof of that also needs to be attached with the application. Utility Bill and Passport recommended.
  • Personal and/or Business Bank Statements, Tax returns are important. This provides financial strength and stability to the business.


Merchant Stronghold can help businesses to establish the Merchant Account and provide a gateway terminal to accept payments across the world. One thing that comes while collecting the payment of through electronic methods is the customers have the right to dispute the transaction. If they are not satisfied with the merchant’s service. They directly contact to the bank for the amount that the customer paid for the product or service that leads to Chargeback. Merchant Stronghold will help businesses to fight such situations with all the legal documentations about. Which businesses many times are unaware.

Merchant Stronghold

Merchant Stronghold works with all kind of business, retail to high risk. Nutraceutical Trial, Continuity Subscription, Credit Repair, Debt Relief, Adult Porn Subscription and Tech Support. Start your eCommerce business with Stronghold today!

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The payment gateway will assist you to have:

  • Integration of payment gateway with your business and website.
  • Online merchant platform development.
  • One click virtual terminal for manual sales processing and issue of credits.
  • Currency conversion facility.
  • Phone billing and SMS billing facility.
  • Download data in text format and import it into Excel sheet.
  • Recurring billing on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly basis.
  • Multiple transactions support and shopping cart integration.
  • Technical support and customer care services.

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