Payment Processing Solutions

Merchant Stronghold offers reliable online credit card processing for a variety of merchants worldwide.

Recurring Billing Services

Subscription Based Payments

Increase your cash flow with scheduled on-time payments. Wether for installment or subscriptions, our platform securely stores payment info for convenient repeat business. Recurring billing makes selling subscription products and services easy. Sell more products online to more customers faster.

Quick Integration

Get Setup in Minutes

Work smarter, not harder. Merchant Stronghold allows you to easily process credit cards from your customers without having to write a single line of code. Start accepting orders without having to fuss with complicated APIs and documentation.

Superior Reporting Tools

Up-To-Date Technology

Our powerful reporting tools can help you understand, export and present your data beautifully and efficiently. See how your products are performing by creating reports that track real-time information across all your accounts like Clicks, Leads, Conversion Rates, Revenues, and more.

50+ Currencies Accepted


With the global reach of Merchant Stronghold we have become the ultimate payment platform anywhere you do business. You’ll be amazed how quickly Merchant Stronghold has made generating revenue you need with just a few simple clicks.

Data Export

It’s Your Data

Our intuitive interface and controls allows you to easily sort, filter, and export your data to Excel, CSV, and PDF. There’s no limits. You can export your own data, any time you want.

Superior Fraud Detection

Comprehensive Solution

Merchant Stronghold built the most comprehensive solution for identifying online fraud in the performance marketing space. We offer advanced security screening and fraud prevention services that keeps all data safe and secure while lessening all instances of chargebacks and unauthorized payments.

Billing Management

Simplify Billing Tasks

Merchant Stronghold makes it easy for managing your daily billing tasks. From creating coupons and discounts, to notifying your customers of any changes to their subscription. You can also send invoices, customize sales tax, and even invoice a customer. Merchant Stronghold gives you full control to simplifying your workload.

PCI Compliant

Secure Cardholder Data

From the world’s largest corporations to small Internet stores, compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is vital for all merchants who accept credit cards, online or offline, because nothing is more important than keeping your customer’s payment card data secure.