Virtual Terminal and Its Benefits


Virtual Terminal: Virtual Terminal is an online application or operating system where a merchant can check all the transactions and get a detailed inquiry of it. By using virtual terminal merchant can accept the payment without physically using the credit card. It is contrary to physical payment where the credit card must be present at the time of the transaction. You don’t need an electronic machine (POS) or go through any hassle if you had opted for electronic payments. What you need to do is promote payment gateway, which will allow you to process your transaction without any inconvenience. You can get your payment even from miles away within a few seconds with the help of virtual terminals. Multiple companies are now offering these facilities one of them is IBM, PayPal, Linux and many more.

How does Virtual Terminal work?

As it is online, so it obviously requires an Internet connection. Usually, it is powered by the gateway, which means each and every transaction that the customer will perform would be processed by the gateway, which we are calling virtual terminal.

For executing the transaction the gateway lands the customer to the payment page where he puts all the required card details manually, and then after getting a confirmation from the bank, the transaction takes place. For processing the transaction, the virtual terminal charges some amount, which is called gateway fees. Virtual terminal gives diverse options of payment to the customer. In case of recurring payments, the merchant can directly ask card details from the customer for the payment, which will allow deducting the charges till the subscription ends.

Payment Security for Merchant

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Benefits of Virtual Payments

Virtual terminal helps in processing a lot of transactions instantly. It is the solution that turns your computer into a payment-processing device. It will allow you to accept your payment anywhere at any time without being necessarily present there. You can even process the transaction once you get the card details of your customer over the phone or e-mail.

Virtual Terminals also centralize data and make it more secure. So the chances of fraud or scam also reduce.

Unlike their physical POS counterparts, virtual terminals can handle recurring payments, easily.

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