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Benefits of ACH Payment Processing

Benefits of ACH Payment Processing | Merchant Stronghold Businesses may utilize ACH payment processing to settle employees’ salaries or benefits as well as reimbursement claims. ACH can also be utilized to collect money from clients for the goods and services that are provided. In the context of an online payment system as a payment system, […]

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Get Your Tobacco Business Licensed in your State

According to the Tobacco Control Act, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rigidly controls the sale and marketing of tobacco products. For that leading cause, selling, producing, wholesaling, importing, or exporting cigarettes and other tobacco products needs licenses supplied by local, state, or associated authorities, relying on your work. For instance, importing, exporting, and producing […]

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 What Makes a Business High-Risk?

Your ecommerce business has to take card payments online in respect to being successful. To grant payments online, you have to get a merchant account either via your bank or through a merchant account supplier. When you apply for merchant processing, the banks or payment service suppliers may break down you as a high-risk merchant.  […]

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