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ECommerce Payment Integration

ECommerce Payment Integration – Payment is where conversion takes place. And for an ECommerce business, conversion is very important to the merchant as it directly affects the entire revenue of the business. However, due to some minor mistakes with the payment system, the business can be affected very badly.

For the ECommerce merchants, we are presenting a quick guide to integrate the payment system to maximize the conversion. However, if you are need of more information then you can simply get in touch with the Merchant Stronghold by placing a call at the toll-free number.

What Are The Factors Affecting ECommerce Payment Integration?


Security is the most important aspect of an ECommerce business and especially when it comes to the payment. For a merchant, choosing a payment gateway or payment service provider can be really hectic and confusing. Additionally, you need to check whether they provide the required security or not. This is because an ECommerce merchant is dealing with both the data and the money of the merchant.


Before making a purchase, a customer generally checks and compares the price of the product on various websites. This means, if a customer is getting the same product for the more reasonable price then chances are, they may not purchase it from your website.


Along with the price, the quality of the products and services also matter. A bad quality product is not good for a customer in any way. Also, it affects the reputation of the business as well. For an e-commerce business, make sure the quality of the goods and services are up to the standard mark.

Shipping Time & Cost

If you also offer the shipping services for the goods then you need to put some extra attention to the shipping services. The shipping should be timely, the delivered goods should be in better conditions, and the shipping cost should set according to the market.


Customer reviews matter a lot. After checking the price, a customer generally goes to the review section of the product. If the customer finds the services not liked by other customers then it won’t make to the cart.

Website Navigation

If the website is not easy to navigate to move from one page to another then the customer may leave the website without even considering the purchase. This is why many ECommerce merchants hire data analyst to detect the reason behind the customer abandoning the platform.

How To Integrate Payments Without Hurting Your Conversion?

It is important to take into account that you need to integrate a payment system, however, it should not affect the conversion in any bad form. Here are some tips that you can try while integrating payment for your business:

  • When you want to go for the ECommerce Payment Integration you need to keep the redirection in mind. This means if the customer gets redirected a lot from one website to another while making a payment for the goods then it can alert the customers.
  • Take the payment gateway you are using into the account as well. Whether the payment gateway is secure and offers all the required payment methods (like a credit card, debit card, money wallet, and more).
  • Make sure you as a merchant have the full control over the payments made by the customer. After that, analyze customer behavior and improve it.

ECommerce Payment Integration

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ECommerce Payment Integration

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Choose Payment Gateway Wisely?

The payment gateway makes most when it comes to ECommerce Payment Integration. This is where the actual conversion takes place. This means, when choosing a payment gateway, a merchant needs to carefully make their decision.

However, if you need some assistance with the same you can get in touch with the Merchant Stronghold. For that, simply place a call at the toll-free number i.e.+1 (727) 330 – 3944 or reach us using the 24/7 email support.

ECommerce Payment Integration


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