Business Documents and KYC

  • 3 months recent prior processing statements for all products intended on being processed through the merchant account (If applicable)

  • 3 months recent business bank statements. (If new business, merchant should be able to showing financial stability to support the startup/operation of the business or personal bank statements.)
  • Prior years and year-to-date business financials (Prior years audited financials required if available)
  • Website or Marketing materials (Print ads, brochures, etc.) if mail order/telephone order sales
  • If product/service being sold and not owned by merchant, reseller agreements should be provided
  • Articles of incorporation/articles of organization showing the ownership of the entity associated with the merchant account

Offer/Campaign Information

Describe the product/service being sold? How is the product/service ordered or purchased? What are the price points for the product/service?

Is the product/service being sold through a Front End or as an upsell offer? Is the product/service being cross sold with any other product/service? If yes, explain. Is there a free trial and/or auto ship program attached to the product/service? Is there recurring billing/continuity plan associated with the product/service?

At Merchant Stronghold, we make the process easy for you. You can simple start our online application and with few clicks be able to submit all your information

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What is a High Risk Merchant?

Companies are classified as high risk merchants if an industry has a greater likelihood of fraud and chargebacks. Other reasons for a high risk classification include payment terms, processing volumes, ticket sizes, and targeted markets. The extensive fraud-fighting weapons & chargeback prevention services included with our processing. allows us to accept most high-risk merchants.

Benefits and Perks Having a High Risk Mechant Account

  • Minor Difficulties Whenever Chargebacks Occur
  • Elevated Security Standards
  • Avenue to Bigger Market Opportunities


Each customer that moves to the check-out area of a merchant’s site must experience a seamless, error-free experience. If a problem occurs during a check-out, a merchant can likely kiss that transaction goodbye. Too many experiences like this add up to a lot of lost sales. A high-risk payment gateway, like the ones offered by Merchant Stronghold, helps ensure check-out processes are flawless.

To accept credit card and electronic check payments from websites, businesses must have merchant accounts and payment gateways. Funds are held in merchant accounts before they are transferred to businesses’ bank accounts. A payment gateways is the service tool that approves or declines any transaction to comes into a business via an online transaction. A high-risk payment gateway allows customers to submit their credit card information, and then, safely passes the sensitive financial information from the customer and the business, as well as the business and the bank. Without merchant accounts and high-risk payment gateways, merchants cannot accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or other bank cards as payment.

Merchant Stronghold high-risk payment gateway offers the security and infrastructure necessary for the quick, safe transaction of transaction data from merchant websites and credit card networks. The gateways aim to save small and mid-sized businesses time and money.

Businesses that already have merchant accounts can apply to Merchant Stronghold for a high-risk payment gateway. Those that wish to apply for a merchant account and a high-risk payment gateway can begin the process today by filling out Merchant Stronghold’s quick and easy online application. There are no guarantees, but Merchant Stronghold promises an open and honest application process. Merchants can be approved in as little as 24 hours. Fraud protection tools and all day, every day customer support also is provided. Most importantly, the payment gateways are PCI compliant.

Merchants Have Three Basic Needs For an Online Payment Gateway

  • The first is security and anti-fraud protection. Protecting your business and protecting your customers is a cornerstone of a successful business. Once incident can wreck your potential and reputation.
  • The second need is for the payment gateway to be user-friendly. Not only does it need to seamlessly integrate into your website and merchant account but it needs to be customer-friendly so that your customers do not become frustrated and give up on buying your products.
  • Lastly, you have to find the best rates. Business friendly rates regarding transaction volume and transaction fees can make or break your margins. Finding the right balance of security and financial acuity is critical for any payment gateway.

Documents needed when applying for a high-risk payment gateway
To begin taking payments via a high-risk payment gateway, fill out Merchant Stronghold quick and simple online application. Though nothing is guaranteed, Merchant Stronghold promises a fair process.

In addition to the application, the following documents must be submitted to processors:

  • A valid, government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license or passport
  • A merchant account
  • A secure, working website with terms and conditions
  • Three months of the most recent bank statements
  • Three months of the most recent processing statements, if applicable
  • SSN (Social Security Number) or EIN (Employer Identification Number)

High-risk payment gateways for all types of merchants

Though it seems simple enough to apply to a bank for a payment gateway, it is challenging. A business can have a good processing record and still get turned down due to the type of business they conduct. Banks consider many businesses high risk because they have irregular high-ticket sales, excessive chargebacks, or work in industries that are highly regulated or the rules and regulations are murky, at best. Businesses owned by people with poor or low credit scores and those that are based outside the United States also fall into the high-risk category. So, when a merchant with any of these problems try to obtain a high-risk payment gateway, banks turn them down for services.
Merchants that want to safely and responsibly process credit card payments must turn to a high-risk payment gateway processor, like Merchant Stronghold. Merchant Stronghold offers high-risk online payment gateway services for retail, mail order/telephone order (MOTO), and internet merchants.

Merchant Stronghold prides itself on working with clients with all types of backgrounds. Whether a business is small and unknown or large and established, Merchant Stronghold finds the solutions it needs.

Get high-risk online payment gateway services from Merchant Stronghold for businesses that sell the following products and services:

  • Adult entertainment and novelties
  • Auto accessories and parts
  • Tech support
  • Luxury goods and services, such as private planes and travel
  • Adult entertainment and novelties
  • Auto accessories and parts
  • MLM and direct sales
  • Collectibles and antiques
  • Designer fashions
  • E-cigarettes




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