High-Risk Merchant Account for Credit Repair Business

High-Risk Merchant Account for Credit Repair Business

You’ve arrived at the right place if in search of credit repair merchant account. We know the particular requirements of businesses operating that operate in the credit repair business in the USA in addition, Merchant Stronghold can provide you with the necessary solutions to be successful.

If you have a merchant account with us we’ll allow you to accept debit and credit card payment from your clients. This will allow you to have the freedom to provide your services in a variety of options, making it more convenient for customers pay. We also know that security is the top priority for companies that deal in credit repair. This is why we provide various fraud prevention tools, such as high-risk chargeback protection and monitoring of fraud

What are the functions of the credit repair companies?

If you believe that credit repair firms are a “magic,” well, they don’t. They perform all the steps that a normal person could.

  • Be aware of your credit history.
  • Request in a credit bureau your credit information.
  • Accessing credit information on using the Internet is possible through specific websites that offer this details.
  • Find the negatives in your credit report and make an appeal should you be able to.
  • Offer discussions with lenders.
  • Calculate how many open obligations are currently in existence. If there is a debt it is possible to apply the refinancing process. In this instance there are several loans from various banks are paid back at the cost of one. It is up to the customer to recall a particular date that must be kept and not a number of times like it was the case the case when debts were incurred in a variety of financial institutions.
  • Use ready-made programs to enhance credit scores from various banks, or utilize other tools.

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Credit repair merchant accounts are high risk

All credit repair businesses require a processor who is skilled in securing a high-risk account. This is why it is important to know the reason why credit repair companies are considered to be high-risk. There are a number of reasons why credit repair businesses are generally classified as high-risk.


Chargebacks are frequent in the field of credit repair because of the people you’re dealing with. A lot of customers have poor credit or are in tough times financially, and paying for their bills isn’t easy. That means the odds of disputing an invoice increase significantly. If your client is hoping for a miraculous boost in their credit score, but it doesn’t happen, they’re likely to not only asking for the refund, but also file an appeal.


A large portion of merchant accounts for credit repair are subscription-based. These types of accounts will always raise risk because each time you charge your card does not have the funds you will see you credit card chargeback fee is increased.


The cost of credit repair can be high. The average cost is just more than $125 dollars per customer. When they have higher volumes of tickets banks will always consider these as high-risk and will not allow refund balances from being refunded, usually by creating reserves.


As a credit repair business we know that you help clients improve their standing and giving clients the opportunity to to make sound financial decisions in the future. That being said, your reputation is important and so is your reputation. To be able to attract the largest number of customers it is essential to ensure that you are recognized as trustworthy and reliable in the industry.

What is the cost of credit repair services?

The price of credit repair can vary based on your preferred service. Most providers require a setup cost, monthly charge along with a per transaction fee. Based on the needs of your business the fees could be as low as just a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

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When choosing a merchant accounts provider, you must look at the costs carefully. Some companies may appear to be to be more expensive on first sight however, they could provide discounts or other benefits which can help you save money over the long term.

How do I get a high-risk credit repair merchant account?

The first thing you’ll need to perform some things to obtain an extremely risky credit repair merchant account:

  • You’ll have to find an merchant service provider that specializes on high risk accounts.
  • Additionally, you’ll have to provide them with the basic details about your business, like the size of your transaction average and the volume.
  • You’ll require an excellent credit score for you to be eligible.

If you’ve got all these elements put in place, you’ll be able to obtain an high risk credit repair merchant account.

Why Merchant Stronghold?

If you’re a credit repair company and are looking for an honest payment service We can help. At Merchant Stronghold our team of experts will provide you with the most important details and guides you through the entire the process of taking onboard.


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