Merchant account match lists

Match List of Merchant Accounts

It is true, but there is such a thing as a merchant account blacklist. It’s actually known as the MATCH list or “Terminated Merchant File,” (TMF for short). The Terminated Merchant File is a shared online list among processors and acts as a blacklist scrubber. Where merchants with high risk accounts or excessive chargebacks [] and/or terminated for violation of agreement are put on the list and prevented from opening an account with a different credit card processor.

MATCH LIST: Why merchants could be put on it

  • Excessive Refunds and Declines
  • Violation of Terms of Merchant Agreement
  • Illegal-Product or Advertisement
  • Adult or Porn or Escort Endorsement
  • Merchant Collusion
  • Fraud
  • Excessive Chargebacks
  • Money Laundering
  • Terrorist Activity
  • Wrong MCC code Service/Product

By far the most common reason for termination amongst Trial Continuity and Subscription Type of Business. The merchant deposited sales that were not authorized by cardholders; most typically in a card not the present environment with recurring charges.

Why Put the Merchant on the Match List?

Merchant’s Merchant Acquiring Bank. In order to get off the MATCH list, the acquire who put you on it is the only one who can remove you. Merchants are placed on this list because they were found to have violated their credit card processing agreement at some time. Due to this breach, these merchants had been terminated from being allowed to have a merchant account. The master match list is used as a screening tool by other credit card processing companies to see whether or not a business is suitable for a merchant account. Being on this list raises a red flag to merchant processing companies that this company applying for the account may be a high risk.



It is not impossible to get a merchant account if you’re on the MATCH list. Please contact Merchant Stronghold at 1-(727) 330 – 3944 and we can find out if you’re eligible for a merchant account and how to help you get off the TMF / Match List.

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Mistakes Merchants Make Fighting Chargebacks

  • Not Fighting Back
  • Not Communicating with the Customers
  • Tracking of Every Transactions
  • Not following Card Brands Guidelines
  • Not investing in fraud prevention
  • Not working with your credit card processor

Merchant account match lists

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