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Are you looking for an easy and reliable Merchant Service provider for MCC 4215 (Courier Services –Air and Ground)? Merchant Stronghold has exactly what you are looking for. Courier business is not new, it has been there for hundreds of years. At first, it was simpler, but modern methods have changed it completely. Not long ago, delivery or courier services had to do transactions in the office; waiting for checks to clear and taking payments was a bigger task than delivering products.

Merchant Stronghold is making business easier for courier services all over the globe. Using mobile, secure and reliable payment gateways, businesses don’t have to worry about lengthy payment processes anymore.Mobile, Secure and Reliable Merchant Services for MCC 4215 – Courier ServicesUsing Merchant Stronghold‘s credit card processing services,

Courier services business can accept credit cards at the time of delivery or/and even before delivering of the product and/or services. We offer the mobile solution so that customers can do transactions via their smartphones. Virtual Terminal is also provided to businesses so they can even host the gateway on their website. If businesses have customers who call in or want to make the purchase of emails; Transactions can be made via Merchant Stronghold’s gateway. Our applications are focused on secure processing with low fees. Our services include:

● Lowest Set up fee is the industry
● Interchange plus 2.95% rates
● Monthly fees are negligible
● Daily Funds Settlement
● No Additional hardware necessary

You don’t have to sign up for a custom merchant account, every account is as per the clients. Therefore, you will get multiple benefits such a mobile app support, flat transaction fees for credit cards and debit cards, and much more. Our accounts are scalable, you can add multiple accounts to a single account. Each individual working on your E-commerce site will own an account linked to the main account.

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Why choose Merchant Stronghold?

We are a “business-centered” services provider that specializes in customized merchant accounts. Every business has unique requirements, not all courier services are same. We listen to client’s requirement and delivery merchant services that push the business towards success.Merchant Stronghold can assist all type of businesses, we integrating new methods in our old system, & design everything from the scratch. We welcome businesses under MCC 4215 (Courier Services –Air and Ground) to new and interesting opportunities.So, get going!You can make your business friendlier by using Merchant Stronghold’s payment options. We offer full electronic payment systems that accept MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Visa card brands issued credit cards. If any issue arises on your end, we will deal with it. Our experts will work closely with you and your bank to minimize risk for you and your business.

Hence, it is not difficult to get approval as long as you are a legitimate business. You can also sign up for any merchant service. Our payment gateways also include automatic billing option for submitting recurring information. Once all the information is available, payment will repeat on some dates. Merchants can choose monthly, the semi-annual or annual schedule for recurring. So, connect with us today!

Two of the earliest courier services were a messenger bird and a man employed as a foot messenger . In that era getting payments from customer was not as easy as it has become today. The Courier Service industry has grown outstandingly since then due to extremely high demand.
If you are still running your courier service business without giving the ease of digital payments to your employees and customers then you are likely to lose your customers at colossal rate. To operate a business in the fast paced courier service you must begin by creating a merchant account first.
It has become very easy to be a merchant account holder now-a-days. The merchant account services will give ideas to merchants about taking payments digitally. Thus reducing the efforts of not only the merchant but the customer also.

What You Need Know About Getting A Merchant Account.
If you provide postpaid courier services and after delivering the product to its destination you are still waiting for the cheque of payment to get processed and cleared. Then, half of your valuable time is spent waiting for customer payments to transfer to the business, and properly recorded, when it could be spent better elsewhere in the business. In business and in life time and money can be wasted or invested.

Do you want to know the solution?
Open your merchant account. A Merchant Account would convert your payments digitally which can process customer payments in just few seconds.
If we see money and time from the perspective of the customer, then they would also prefer to buy from merchants who are providing them effective and efficient service. Making your payments digitally may make your customers more satisfied.

merchant service