Gateway for High Risk (Tech Support) Business

Gateway For High Risk Tech Support Business

Gateway for Tech Support Business: Setting up a Tech Support company comes with a host of challenges. One of the biggest challenges is to find a merchant account provider for the tech support business. Instead of trying to find the lowest rates possible, you probably find yourself stuck searching for any service provider willing to set up the merchant account and pair it with an acceptable payment gateway.

It can help you to accept the payment online via card network and will allow your customers to pay online even miles away from you. You can obtain the payment from all over the world just by sitting at a single place.

How You Will Get Payment Gateway for Tech Support Business?

If you have decided to start your tech support business and have dealt with the formalities, as the next step, you will approach a well-liked bank or a processor to be able to accept payments from around the globe. Everything will be fine until you mention that your business is based on providing tech support, online, and you might get rejected. The reason is simple — the bank does not want to deal with your application because it sees tech support as a non-secure industry. The same scenario happens if you approach other popular processors.

As soon as you confirm that you have a tech support business, chances of getting a payment gateway and merchant account get slimmer. So, what’s the solution here?

Merchant Stronghold Will Save Your Business

Merchant Stronghold is your savior when it comes to seizing a payment gateway for technical support business. It helps a lot of businesses to receive payments from all over the globe for technical support services. It supports all the currencies, which is important for a business with a global reach. So, if you own a tech support business, you can apply for a payment gateway in just a few minutes. When compared to the other competitors, Merchant Stronghold is definitely the better option.

You just have to contact Merchant Stronghold experts with the information concerning your business. Our experts will soon get in touch with you, where there will be a discussing your needs, requirements and what are you expecting from a payment gateway. In just a few days, you can start receiving payments from your customers.

Payment Security for Merchant

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Payment Security for Merchant

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Virtual Terminal for Tech Support Merchants

The Virtual Terminal is an online order form into which you enter the data of your business transactions. Getting a virtual terminal only grows risk factors. The chance of frauds becomes high here. It probably can affect you in the following way:

  • Your Website is already set up with a Shopping Cart
  • You need huge customization of your order form
  • You have scripting or programming knowledge
  • You have to share order data with the fulfillment house

However, for some businesses, it is essential to operate through a profit-making call center. For certified online computer services, we can provide you with a virtual terminal that will get integrated into your payment gateway through your acquiring banking partner.

Why Merchant Stronghold for Tech Support Businesses?

We would suggest that you invest some time in deciding to choose the rightmerchant service provider for Tech Support business, which will be suitable for your company and have better services. Always choose value over the price for better user experience and for long-term benefits.

We hope you will choose the right merchant service provider as a Payment Gateway for Tech Support business. Merchant Stronghold is always available to provide you with the best services. Just visit our website and fill the application form. You can also contact us through email or phone number +1 (888) 622 – 6875 and talk to our experts at any time of the day.

Gateway for Tech Support Business