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The Code (SGD) is an abbreviation of the Singapore Dollar and The Currency of the island state of Singapore. The Currency is issued by the monetary Authority of Singapore banknotes and coins of the Singapore dollar. And (S$) Sign to distinguish it from another dollar-denominated currency. the Singapore dollar is twelfth most traded currency in the world.

Overview Singapore Dollar
Singapore Dollar, it was Replaced by the Malayan Dollar and Singapore used the straits dollar from 1845 and 1939. Singapore used this common currency till the monetary union between Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei broke down in 1965. Singapore independent act in 1963 after that issued first coins and banknote on April 7, 1967. Singapore dollar continued at par with the Malaysian Ringgit to 1973.

Singapore state currency is the Singapore dollar ($) which comes in notes denominations of $2 to $10,000 notes.


Singapore state currency is the Singapore dollar ($) which comes in Coins denominations of 1C to 50C and $1, $5


Importance Facts for Currency Banknote:

  • SGD Stats name: Singapore Dollar
  • Singapore Symbol and Cent: Sign ($ or S$), Cent (C)
  • Authority: Monetary Authority of Singapore
  • Countries: Singapore, Brunei

Know About Economy of Singapore Dollar
Highly urbanized Singapore ranks in the world’s top five as a business center, an oil refining center, a port, and for a symbol of US Dollar at par millionaire households per capita. Singapore’s free-market economics works in an open and corruption-free environment with stable costs and high per-capita GDP.

Currency Facts

SGD Stats

Name: Singapore Dollar

Symbol: $ Cent:

Minor Unit:
1/100 = Cent

Top SGD Conversion:

Top SGD Chart:

SGD Profile

Inflation: -0.80%

Nicknames: Sing

Freq Used: $1, S¢5, S¢10, S¢20, S¢50
Rarely Used: S¢1

Freq Used: $2, $5, $10, $50
Rarely Used: $1, $20, $25, $100, $500, $1000, $10000

Central Bank:
Monetary Authority of Singapore

Users: Singapore